Welcome to Millatshop

Established on March, 2018. By Ruhul Amin Mullick (founder And CEO)

He Started the Ofline shop By following their family business of selling goodies since long time. Now Our Shop Run On E-Commers Platform.

now MillatShop is not just a name but its going to become a leading brand in india.

 who provides all kind of Islamic Books, T-Shirts and wearable, collectibles, fragrances and showpieces.

By selling Islamic Books on website we started our journey to the fastest growing online Islamic store in very much short time by the only help of our customer’s support and love for our products, their quality and our mission to reach every Muslim and non-Muslim brother and sisters.

 later on we decide to enlarge our team who now look after developing our service day by day.

 by the time flys we have successfully earn more then 5K customers, we are getting more famous by our genuine and original products

 Providing best products to customers all over India is the oath  now.

by the time we are offering cash on delivery on our products making us people’s favorite  Islamic stuff offering spot.

this is MillatShop the online Islamic store.

Ruhul AMIN mullick
CEO / Founder

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